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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to supplement my child's education outside of school?
No. You only need to provide the time and a quiet space for your child to focus on homework. The KOR curriculum is a complete education that we are able to provide in an early release format. Enrichment activities, like arts and physical education, are at the end of the week in Fine Arts Fridays (which is an optional program for an additional fee).

What is the advantage of a shortened day concept?
We are able to keep the tuition modest partly by having a shortened day concept. If you pay on a 12 month tuition schedule, our tuition is similar to the current rate of having math supplementation three hours a week. A more flexible schedule allows family the time and flexibility to take advantage of other opportunities.

If my child is advanced in a subject can he/she test to go to the next level?
No. KOR classes are designed to be at an honors level or above. In lower grades, if your child is found to be advanced in a particular subject he/she is given greater challenges within the curriculum presented to the class. For example, a teacher may pick more challenging books for an advanced reader; or ask a student to learn the times tables up to 15 instead of the required 12.

Our experience is that children who skip grades in the early years will have a knowledge gap that is not always noticeable until later grades. We concentrate on building a strong foundation that promotes depth over breadth. In addition, our focus on project based learning allows students to do more extensive research than what is typical for their current grade level.

I heard that KOR emphasizes project-based learning. Why?
Due to the smaller class sizes our teachers have the time to properly guide students through projects that become increasingly more difficult with each grade. Students gain invaluable communication skills by presenting their projects. Poject-based learning provides another medium for students to apply their knowledge and skills.

What is Singapore math and how does it compare to other math systems?
Singapore math is a mastery-based curriculum, defined by three components: Conceptual, Pictorial, and Abstract (CPA). The CPA approach is the vehicle that KOR teachers utilize to "unpack" difficult mathematical concepts for students. With this foundational base of understanding, KOR students are ready to receive and apply formulas and algorithms to real world problems. Students learn the why behind the how, promoting a deeper understanding of numbers and math concepts.

In contrast to the most common math programs in the United States, Singapore math devotes more time to fewer topics in the early years, to ensure that children master the material through detailed instruction, questions, problem solving, and visual and hands-on aids. By fourth and fifth grades the pace accelerates putting children as much as a year ahead of students in other math programs as they grasp complex problems more quickly.

My child has not had Spanish. How do we catch up?
Through fourth grade, it is not an issue since our focus is vocabulary and conversation. Once we start grammar concepts in fifth grade, we will provide resources to parents for students to catch up. If a student comes in a later grade (7th or up) without Spanish, we will put them on an online Spanish Language learning program until they are able to streamline into the classroom.

How do you keep the tuition so low?
We are able to keep the tuition modest partly by having a shortened day concept. If you pay on a 12 month tuition schedule our tuition is similar to the current rate of having math supplementation three hours a week.

Do you teach religion at school?
KOR is a Christian-based school but we do not teach religion classes. However, the students pray at the start of school and Christian values are practiced throughout the school day. In keeping with parent empowerment, the early release format allows parents more time to disciple their student.

Does KOR have athletics?
Yes. KOR offers competing teams in basketball, volleyball, track, volleyball, golf, and swimming. We have had several highly competitive athletes who required a more flexible schedule for their independent training.

Is KOR accredited? Will that affect my child's ability to go to college or to transfer to other schools if we move?
No. Despite not being accredited, all KOR graduates are accepted into universities, many are awarded scholarships, and their AP credits are accepted the same as from any other high school. The State of Texas requires schools to provide 75,600 minutes of instruction to be accredited. Our efficiency allows us to pass along the savings without sacrificing a solid education. However, when tranferring to a public high school a student may be asked to demonstrate mastery (through testing) to be given credit for high school level courses taken at KOR.

Do you offer classes for college credit?
Yes. Students have a selection of classes they can take AP or dual credit across all subjects. On average KOR students earn 15 college credits but can acquire up to 36. We advise students which method of earning college credit best fits their learning style.

Are the teachers certified?
Yes. KOR teachers are required to be either certified or hold a master's degree in their field of study and teach at a higher education institution.

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